Kaichu! – brain automated denial activated

[DATS] Kaichu! - 01 [0C7CD2E1].mkv_snapshot_01.10_[2010.08.29_01.15.51]

"Hi guys, thanks for calling me cute. And I hope you're surefine with me being a guy."

Kaichu! – a manga adaptation ONA, which was broadcasted few days/weeks ago. I always has something with archery-themed stories. This one is quite lulz though…

…it’s got a trap.

[DATS] Kaichu! - 01 [0C7CD2E1].mkv_snapshot_03.09_[2010.08.29_01.16.10]

Thank god I've got enough immunities for things like this.

Apparently the ONA has a quite different story compared to its manga (at least the description on mangaupdates doesn’t match how the anime went at all).

[DATS] Kaichu! - 02 [D04FA15B].mkv_snapshot_02.43_[2010.08.29_01.11.26]

Whee, moment of awesomeness.

Too bad the anime is only two episodes. It’d be even more lulz if it’s got tv series… XD

[DATS] Kaichu! - 02 [D04FA15B].mkv_snapshot_04.32_[2010.08.29_01.16.36]

(protip: pictured above is a guy)

With regard to picture above, would you:


? 😀

Look, it’s August already

…and I still haven’t done anything apart of this.

It turned out I actually did not do anything for this (something resembling) blog. Well, I was lazy. I’m not saying I’m not lazy anymore though – it’s just I’ve become less lazy than last month since I have passed my own deadline and haven’t done anything – something must be done to fix this.

And here it is. Freshly installed WordPress. Cleanly re-imported from old one. I actually have to replicate my entire setup on my local system since importing 3 MB data over PHP exceeded this host’s limit and caused massive failure. Etc.

Now the end result:

  • myconan.net now actually hosts something – the main site for this entire *.myconan.net blogs (other blogs TBA).
  • blog.myconan.net is now renamed to Blog.myconan to simplify things,
  • and Blog.myconan is specifically an modern visual culture (mvc) blog from now on – no more computer- and life-related posts here. Purity ftw.
  • Other blogs are TBA sometime later this month. Or next month – depends on how fast I can write things.

I’ll still be fixing things and hopefully this will be the last non-mvc post in this blog.