Working!! episode 1

I think this is the first time I see a pre-airing which has relatively good quality.

Working!! – yet another manga adaptation and yet another slice of life comedy anime animated by A-1 which did Sora no Woto in previous season. The basic is simple – it tells story about employees at a certain Family Restaurant. It goes without question that most (all?) of them are not quite normal.

Spoilers ahead.

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Sora no Woto episode 12 (end)


It’s ended ;_;

Apart from lulz (fail) here and there, I think it’s overall good. Started out slowly… and kept the pace until the end. I don’t remember when they finished repair on Takemikazuchi though.

And lol @ whoever said this is K-ON! ripoff. See you later at the end of spring (hint: Angel Beats!).

Sora no Woto 11


I’m wondering if there’s any Japanese subtitle on original broadcast… Even though it’s not really that important, it’d be annoying when most of time you don’t know what’s spoken.

Apparently it’s my first post about Sora no Woto.

And WordPress almost ate this post. I wasn’t able to upload the picture above in original resolution. It complained about exhausted memory or something.

Watch Gundams for free

If you happen to haven’t watched previous Gundam series yet, lives in US or have fast connection, check out link below to watch them for free. I don’t know about quality in YouTube and CR but ANN’s Gundam SEED actually looks decent apart from its low resolution.

I think there’s time limit on the availability so don’t miss it. Or just download the fansub/rip.

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Convert those units!

What’s the sums of 7.4 TiB, 231.33 GiB, 30191.01 MiB and 985256 KiB?

What time and date it would be (in same place) in 2 months, 6 weeks, 19 days, 2059 hours, 129 minutes and 21 seconds if it’s now 20XX-03-17 06:27:40, DST is in effect and will be ended tomorrow?

…I’ll skip on imperial units for my own sanity.

For first one, I’ll convert them all to bytes, calculate the sums and convert back to whatever unit I like. Compare that to calculating sums of them in SI prefix.

For second one… Um, anyone?

Sora no Otoshimono 2nd Season

Uh, ok. Apparently Flying Pantsu Sora no Otoshimono will have its second season sometime. At least this series still have something resembling plot…

Compare that with Koihime Musou which will have its third season. Third freaking season. Of plot-free anime.

Anyway, I just hope it’ll actually finished properly on second season since I got rather lazy (when I don’t?) to read its manga.

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Running Linux in Windows

I’ve been using this for weeks: coLinux.

Basically it’s just like paravirtualized Linux. Or Linux in Jail/Zone. The speed is relatively good except on shared disks IO. Neither using Samba nor its built-in COFS gives good performance. It’s stuck at 8 MB/s using Samba and even slower when using COFS. Nevertheless it feels relatively lightweight especially on this laptop where the processor doesn’t have VT-x thanks to Intel being cheap.

Installation is relatively easy. Basically it’s down into:

  • Install the coLinux
  • Download and extract root image somewhere (can be downloaded at installation or manually at their site)
  • Copy required files for booting up image from coLinux installation (initrd.gz, vmlinux, vmlinux-modules.tar.gz)
  • Adjust the configuration
  • Do a test run, configure the OS
  • Install as service
  • Done

Note that as I said before, even though there’s COFS for sharing data between Guest and Host, I suggest using Samba instead for better performance (about 1.5x the speed).

Or you can just use VMWare or VirtualBox… :p (which I believe have at least 20 MB/s IO speed on shared disks)

Open letter to internet

Dear internet,

Please stop saying just “ogg” when referring to ogg theora. ogg itself is actually just a container which nobody should ever use except to put audio only, aka ogg vorbis, in it. Using ogg when referring its video component is creating a huge disservice to its audio equivalent because, compared to its video, ogg vorbis actually does make sense, has relatively good quality and supported by some (portable) media player.

It’s gotten worse with recent h264 vs theora buzz in html5 “recommended” video format war.  Please spare the poor, sad ogg vorbis from this stupid war.