HAHAH, good job, Ubuntu

So I was messing with my Ubuntu 8.04 installation for hours trying to find the way to connect to VPN with NetworkManager. It used to ‘just work’ in Fedora 12 but doesn’t in Ubuntu. It’s an old version (older than Fedora 12) but it’s supposed to be LTS – Long Term Service and I expect things available in here to be working without problem. The only missing thing should be whatever new features available on later versions.

See, VPN is available. And network-manager-openvpn is available. It should work, right?


Doing anything useful with your network configuration, like, setting static IP, will remove the “VPN Connections” menu from the applet. Surely creating advanced network configuration, like, bridged connection worsen the matter.

After few hours, I decided to see if it’s a general problem… and this I found. Status: confirmed.

Great. 2 years and 5 months unfixed bug. The developers never try their own work? Heh.

I want my time back. I’m so not going to use it from command line – it’s 2010 and I’m not using OpenBSD here (and OpenBSD has easier bridged networking configuration).

If you ask me why I switched to Ubuntu from Fedora – older version no less, the reason is I wanted (and still want) to try OpenVZ. This will be discussed in another post (rant).

3 months with Windows 7 x64

In short: 64-bit applications are almost non-existent.

A little bit longer:

So, few months ago I decided to try the latest Windows for desktop in its most modern form: Windows 7 x64. It’s 7, and it’s 64-bit. Its modernness can only be rivaled by Windows Server 2008 R2 which only available in 64-bit. The reason is to get the so few percent possible speed improvement in x264.

Fast forward few months, I then noticed that:

  • The speed gain from x264 64-bit is negated by the fact that I’m forced to use avs2yuv for filtering video for x264 and I’m too lazy to do lossless pass.
  • There’s almost no 64-bit applications available. In the 3 months period I have installed, like, single-digit amount of 64-bit applications. And 7-Zip 64-bit feels sluggish.
    • 7-Zip
    • WinRAR
    • VirtualBox
    • x264
    • Photoshop
    • Anti virus (avast)
    • Drivers

Last thing I needed is another reason to move back to 32-bit.

And that comes today: I need (or actually, want) to install coLinux (after trying out on friends’ laptop and seems to be capable of doing what I wanted). It doesn’t have 64-bit support yet. And I don’t think it’ll come anytime soon. So, there – I’m going back to 32-bit.

2009/11/26 – 2010/02/18 (probably the longest I ever used 64-bit Windows.)

Hacked: aftermath

So, few days ago my site was defaced. Freakin defaced.

The method is most likely cookie stealing. Don’t ask me how. Basically there’s no access to wp-login.php which means the culprit was somehow able to get my cookie in one way or another. After got into Dashboard, he went to modify one of wp theme available and do some fun.

Thank god there’s backup available by the host provider (yay). Restored from backup and everything went well.

Disabled advertisements since it’s the most suspicious vector.

Hayate no Gotoku manga: finally

I was bored at the Thursday morning and decided to read all ~80 chapters which I was behind. Lots of Hinagiku awesomeness (yay), the reappearance of Athena, and the whole wtfry in the last few chapters.

As usual, unhealthy amount of references. It's a tokusatsu reference, btw.

Thanks to folks at id-anime for informing the mangafox.py – a script to automatically download mangascans from mangafox. Also available for mangaone.


URL Change

Moved from blog.myconan.net to myconan.net/blog . Previous URLs should still work (automatically redirected here).

Reason? No particular reason :p

In other news, Danbooru subdirectory installation fix is coming along not in this week, though.

X-less VirtualBox OSE

It’s possible now. Still in testing phase though but it’ll be surely interesting and there goes my final (non-experimental/fun) reason of staying with OpenSolaris. VNC is rather crappy but it’s much better than compiling/installing X just for that one program.

Compiling X is no fun. At all.

Binary install doesn’t help that much either because it’ll become almost impossible to sanely manage all the programs to be kept updated (binary and source installation doesn’t mix). Slow binary availability doesn’t help either.