Windows 7 Themepack

In case you’re interested/forgot/etc, there’s a themepack of official Win 7-tan creatively named “Madobe Nanami” and voiced by Mizuki Nana. I don’t know the first level link, so here I give the link I found which contains the themepack. In case you’re still using ancient or not-quite-usable version of Windows, you can still extract the data contained in the themepack and use them manually.


[ Download here ]

On Cross Game

One of my favorite. This series has been able to keep me getting hooked each episodes. Only rivaled by FMA Brotherhood. Cross Game has better heroine though :>

Well, they’ve gained ‘mainstream series’ rank not without reason.

Saimoe Quarter Final will begin soon

4 of which are from Saki series (too bad Saki herself defeated in previous round). The rest are from various series, one for each series.

3 of them voiced by Kugimiya Rie.

We’ll see who fights who soon. Or later. It’d be amusing if all Saki characters are in one block… Which would be an epic fail.

Short and random commentaries

  • Koromo wins. I’m wondering how many characters from Saki will get past Group Finals.
  • Toaru Kagaku no Railgun: o yay. As expected.
  • Kampfer: yet another trap show 😮 It’s pretty funny how they can insert seiyuu jokes.
  • Asura Cryin’ 2: …wat. Okay, I didn’t see that coming.

More coming later today. Or maybe not.