Saki episode 24



Now with even more Saki x Nodoka than ever.

Next episode is last one. Will there be a second season? 🙁

(considering the manga’s pace, it probably will take a while… Or maybe never)

Nothing interesting

wallpaper-[seifuku wallpaper yasuyuki]

Something did happen and now I’m enjoying doing basically nothing useful.

Just like the wallpaper above which was originally non-widescreen. I made it widescreen by duplicating the checkered background pattern… and that’s it. Master file’s resolution is 1536×960 (extended from 1280×960).

[ Source ]

On another note, my current host sucks. Totally. I’m planning to move somewhere else after current period ended.

Update: derp, I forgot to put link to full size picture.

Peaceful days (no), and random FreeBSD ZFS Install Script

…nothing interesting happened.

So, here, have some random install script instead. This will install FreeBSD in a ZFS root.

  1. Boot into fixit environment (FreeBSD 8.0 and up)
  2. Download the script
  3. Execute

This will wipe the harddisk specified and do some evilry to create ZFS root, enable boot to ZFS and use tmpfs because I like trying out things.

I take no responsibility of failures caused by this script.

Questions are ok though. Just post a comment here to ask or whatever.

[ Download link ]