Fall 2009 is coming!

…and something will happen before it comes. SOMETHING WILL HAPPEN. (okay, unrelated with whatever you probably think)

Since I haven’t read much about them I have read most of them but too lazy busy to make proper preview, here be links.

In short, manga adaptations, eroge visual novel adaptations, sequels, sequels of manga adaptation, sequels of eroge adaptation and more sequels.

There’s even dorama adaptation. Hurrr.

Btw I don’t remember when Mikoto joined “Judgement”…

Update: moar link. And sticky until 2nd or 3rd week of Fall 2009. And even more links. And more. And more. And more. And more… Any by randomc.

Next month’s Elex manga release

(Elex = short for “Elex Media Komputindo“)


*tl note: Bulan means month in Indonesian.

*tl note: Jadwal Komik means Comic (release) Schedule in Indonesian.

*tl note: I’m not going to bother translating the text in bottom right corner.







(it also listed Nabari no Ou, Pandora Hearts and Kuroshitsuji. And if I’m correct, Kampfer is probably this one)

(no, they haven’t released Nabari no Ou, Pandora Hearts and Kuroshitsuji vol. 1. The editor must be sleeping when editing this page)

(good thing(?) manga released here rarely costs more than 17k IDR. They’re pretty thin though)

Digging information from Wikipedia

When I was looking for Unlimited Blade Works’ chant, I redirected to somewhere not quite where I wanted. And then I remembered seeing the chant in Shirou’s page. …except that now I get redirected to somewhere useless.

This certainly feels like the case when I looking for pages about certain game. I decided to open the wiki’s history and indeed the chant is there.

Conclusion: if you feel the information provided by Wikipedia is not as complete as you expect (especially on popular things), try checking its history to see if there’s ‘better’ version of the article…

(like this one or this – both are completely sfw links)

Saki episode 20. And its manga

Filler episode as promised.

I got curious with the appearance of Saki’s sister and decided to see if the manga is as slow as people said and found this chapter 52 – the latest chapter in Japan.



The end of last week, it is. About ~20 chapter IIRC.

I’ve been watching it too much and get rather confused with Saki’s hair color for a few seconds :/ (also the fact that this was the first time I saw Saki as magazine scan)

With this pace, my ETA of Saki S2 still stands. Heck, even Dragon Ball is faster than this.

Rewrite finished!

Comprehensible Assembler Programming

Comprehensible Assembler Programming

Not quite, but close. Only lacks actual interface – if I ever want to create one, that is. Should be not too difficult though. And output to file – I completely forgot about this.

Also, C++ sucks. Well, the speed is (probably) better, but writing in it is, well, much easier than assembly. And more difficult than C#. Except on multithreading (yay OpenMP).

In the end, I still prefer C#. Except for this project (because I need all speed I can get).

Peaceful(?) days


  • My program which was written in VC# works in FreeBSD using Mono without recompilation.
  • Creating GUI for heavy computation sucks.
  • Should I rewrite it in C++?
  • Disk space, I have. Lots of em.
  • 800 GB unsorted data is not fun though.

Saki episode 19

"It is fun playing with you, but the most fun comes from the fact I defeated you!" =D

"It is fun playing with you, but the most fun comes from the fact I defeated you!" =D

Gonzo delivers?

Btw, this episode is worse than Kira Yamato’s saying “Please stop fighting now!” while keeping shooting everyone with Freedom – for better or worse, depends on how you look at it :>

With the manga paced at snail’s speed, ETA Saki S2: forever. (or someone please prove me wrong)

eden* Demo Movie Download Link

more pics @ moe.imouto.org

more pics @ moe.imouto.org

Thanks to the fact minori is still blocking foreign access, downloading this becomes not so trivial. 🙁

Here be mirror at Megaupload. Widescreen version only.

And apparently it’s not animated by Makoto Shinkai this time. Still close though .

Music is still by Tenmon/Harada Hitomi.

[ Megaupload link ]

Update: another download link, the translation and wallpapers by pireze’s icie. Wallpapers are also available on moe.imouto.org. Tell me if you need 1280×1024, 1920×1080 or 1600×1200 ones.

So this mahjong thingy

Is in this class.

I just got to think it after checking Saki’s hand on the episode 18 (it’s tsumo rinshan kaihou (1), tanyao (1) toitoi (2) sananko (2) sankantsu (2) btw – 8 han aka baiman) – when Kurogane said the earlier (low point) hands are called trolling.

Feeling the similarities with a card game I used to play, I looked it up at the central of fast knowledge fix and found this. Rummy. I think I used to call it remi (few years ago until I reminded/bothered to look it up today).

Yes I liked to troll in that game :>

And apparently it’s also related to canasta, a card game I often heard and usually played by someone (or sometwo) at home when having, um, gathering, LOL. IYKWIM.