Dear Intel: please follow AMD for this one


If you’ve ever involved in recent virtualization you should know that every single modern (2007-ish?) edition of Athlon, Phenom and Opteron have AMD-v while on Intel side, it’s worse.

AND YES IT’S A RANT POST BECAUSE MY LAPTOP DOESN’T HAVE VT-x (I knew it when buying it, but still).

It’s penryn-1M core btw. The LATEST non-celeron low-end of mobile processor. They should’ve named every single non-VT-x processor as Celeron. FYI, even my current (built at 2007-ish) desktop processor (Pentium D 930) has VT-x.

Conclusion: buy AMD if you’re not into overclocking. </fanboyism>

Update: wait I think it indeed is low-end. I’ll consider every single “Pentium Dual-Core” is a Celeron from now on which means there’s no AMD’s Athlon X2 equivalent at <$100

A group of bored people is dangerous

Lulz. Also interesting read. Original page? (which if you looked enough you’ll see the upvoters were made with Delphi. Lol)

Also, can anyone send me link to the doujin? :>

reCAPTCHA does the job just fine. Anyone that have read how it works should’ve known the obvious weaknesses in this system.

And right, I temporarily removed the reCAPTCHA from this site because I figured there’s no one interested spamming this site anyway.

So, this thing is actually famous in console?

This Valkyria Chronicles, actually got a ‘news’ post on Kotaku.

Well, considering it’s got pretty high score on many(?) game review sites – according to writers on Wikipedia.

On the other hand, someone is not amused watching this anime, and it’s got the studio produced QUALITY animation of certain anime this season (de arimasu~).

But hey, I don’t play console games. *shrugs*

My comment on this: lulz. And it doesn’t seem all that special compared to the rest of series this season. The only unique thing from this series is the pencil-ly textures which looked kind of weird when animated.

Hey I installed obsoleted PHP extension

…which is mhash. On OpenSolaris.

It’s detected to cause SIGSEGV when running. And I’ve struggled to make it running few days ago…

And I just read that it’s obsoleted, replaced by hash (which doesn’t need lulz parameter to compile).

If you’re interested, when compiling mhash and php (with mhash – but why do you want to do it is beyond me), make sure to pass “-D__const=const” to CC environment variable so it looks like “CC=cc -D__const=const” – assuming you have cc in your $PATH.

On relatively unrelated note, I hate 64/32-bit library mixing. Well, not mix, but I hate running in dual mode.

Fetch that tag! moefetch 0.1-alpha1

As I mentioned before, here’s the script I use just made to do the job.

The one I made before is crap. This one is much better.

For *nix only as I assume *nix system in the script. Mostly using POSIX tools except for xsltproc and wget. I don’t know what will happen if you use on non *nix.


…as I haven’t done actual testing at all.

But the basics are all here and seems to be working (on FreeBSD, at least).

Should work on any danbooru powered sites.

Bug reports are welcome. (just post comment here)

[ Latest moefetch from googlecode ]

PS: tell me if you know something like this. And no, I need the one using pure (pdk)sh and wget/xsltproc.

Update: moved to googlecode

Anison release frenzy

Like, around 20 releases this week. LOLWUT.

My current favorite is marble’s Hatsukoi Limited. Yay an ending theme as my favorite. Things sure has changed, huh.

The second is eufonius’s phosphorus.

Third and forth is K-ON! opening and ending.

THE season

THE OVERSUBBING season, I mean.

And some series doesn’t have good subber at all. I can tolerate crappyroll to an extent, but not overfiltered video and inaccurate TL.

Totally unbalanced. D:

And O HAI 4:3 in 2009

This Saki is lulz

I can’t stop laughing all the way on first half of episode 2 😆 (or perhaps all the way till end)

Eyecancer-class CR’s video doesn’t help either (didn’t bother getting others’).

Also, lol rord.

And random yuri-ish.

Which reminds me, the OP is damn hilarious too. Almost on the same level of Muteki Kanban Musume. (Hikaru no Go also on this level, but Saki is much more hilarious. Dunno why. Perhaps because it’s also got moeblobs at the same time)

On Linux

Is there any “old release” of (a distro of) Linux that’s supported for 6 years or more and has lots of *up-to-date* applications for that release?

Can I just “install”, for example, Firefox 3.0.8 on that certain Linux distro? Or perhaps can I use my latest hardware on that and expect most of the functions working?

This saki

Is pretty lulz. As expected.

Random yuri ftw?

CR still sucks though.

Oh and it’s got hikago feeling (which is already apparent if you read the manga).

Also IIRC she’ll play normally after this episode.