Random Photo

In this post: all my collection (from .jp) except manga and cds (which is currently stored somewhere else).

Let’s open with…



The cheapest form of collectibles. :>

From left to right (if not immediately obvious to you): Hayate no Gotoku!, Da Capo II, Lyrical Lyric DS.

There’s also

MOAR shitajiki

MOAR shitajiki

LMAO. 5 Rakkyou shitajiki :>

I think I missed some but I can’t find it on animate-shop anymore :<

And last one (yes, it’s this few)




Left: etsu 2. Reviewed already by pireze, IIRC. Pardon me if I already mentioned it before (because I can’t remember)

Center: ef – a tale of memories – memorial photobook. I mentioned it once before. And it isn’t listed in amazon.jp. Neither in animate anymore. Basically contains past publications which I’ve seen them mostly somewhere on internet. There are some that I never saw before though (most likely because I didn’t surf enough).

Right: Gift – First Fan Book. Bought from my friend. Contains… what you would expect from a fanbook. It’s pretty thin though. 🙁




I just realized this XD

On the left is bonus postcard from Kalafina first single – Oblivious. And I just realized it now. XD



Laptop D:

Will post comment on it later.

danbooru tag following how-to

Say you want to follow this tag ‘blah’ on a danbooru-powered site (danbooru, sankaku channel, moe.imouto, etc). Here are the steps:


  1. Generate the list of  pictures’ full size link
  2. Download
  1. Generate current list
  2. Verify downloaded file
  3. Generate new list
  4. Download

The scripts used will be uploaded later.

Randomly Random

Chat log of the day:

(9:02:42 PM) edogawaconan: laughing lizard
(9:04:09 PM) Rofl_Mao: Lolling Lizard
(9:04:15 PM) edogawaconan: i saw that
(9:04:31 PM) Rofl_Mao: Mysterious Monkey
(9:04:46 PM) Rofl_Mao: Nauseating Narwhal
(9:04:53 PM) Rofl_Mao: Obvious Ostrich
(9:05:12 PM) edogawaconan: plurking pig
(9:05:13 PM) edogawaconan: i,i
(9:05:17 PM) edogawaconan: omg fail
(9:05:28 PM) Rofl_Mao: D:
(9:05:35 PM) Rofl_Mao: Quacking Quacker]
(9:05:41 PM) Rofl_Mao: D:
(9:05:43 PM) edogawaconan: rofling rauphl
(9:05:44 PM) edogawaconan: :>
(9:05:45 PM) Rofl_Mao: Revive Revival
(9:05:49 PM) edogawaconan: LOL WUT

On RideBack

Apparently my post about this didn’t get posted at all and I forgot how I wrote it.

Anyway, it seems my prediction is correct :<

Let’s just hope it’ll be finished properly.



This is definitely my series of choice this season. Rin is just so gar-moe XD

Oh and the good thing about this series is that it can be generically recommended.

Q4-2k8-6: Birdy The Mighty Decode

Too lazy to create another random comment post :>

Moar random lulz. Now it involves recently-met-again childhood friend which is… highly capable of destroying things. The unlucky brothers are still there, still getting their properties destroyed randomly by Birdy XD

I prefer 1st season OP/ED though. Afromania o/

No pics because I’m using Windows Live Writer. Not that I can’t upload pics with it but I prefer uploading it in intended way.

It just happens

I updated WordPress-MU on certain site which was following /trunk branch to revision 1649 which happens to be actually release (/tags) branch of WPMU o_o


In other words: I accidentally WPMU 2.7 release.

On unrelated note, I switched to branches/ branch for this blog which updated this blog to 2.7.1-beta1.