wp-reCAPTCHA fix for Tarski 2.2.2

Here’s the patch for wp-reCAPTCHA glitch for Tarski version 2.2.2. reCAPTCHA input box will be displayed correctly after applying this patch.

File: comments.php

--- D:/Edho/comments-old.php    Mon May 19 23:43:34 2008
+++ D:/Edho/comments.php    Tue Jul 29 13:40:51 2008
@@ -118 +118 @@
-        </div>  <!-- /comment input -->
+          <!-- /comment input -->
@@ -120 +120 @@
-    </fieldset></form>
+    </div></fieldset></form>

reCAPTCHA and stats

Due to my stupidity, I still haven’t sleep yet now. And I installed wp-reCAPTCHA and wp-stats for this blog.


Basically this functions as captcha (lol obvious), but this uses reCAPTCHA, which is special: two words, one already known and one other either maybe known or not known at all (by the server). The words used for it scanned from books that’s going to be digitized. Hence “stop spam, read books” tag line. Thankfully it’s valid XHTML 1.0 Strict albeit with minor error when entering comment with registered user (me. And only me).

A must install, when possible 😀


Basically this plugin insert a kind of “counter” to every pages and then process it to give the admin a nice graph to see. And some other stats. I’m using it because I find it is much more readable (and slick) than awstats which is given automatically with this hosting package. It has all the functionality I need with a stats plugin. Caveat: must add img#wpstats{display:none} to style sheet file to hide its smiley icon.

Nanoha 1st Movie (?)

“Nanoha The MOVIE 1st”

Apparently it’s been announced. Remake of the very first season.

According to the source, it’ll be featuring new design, settings, interpretation, etc etc.

Having “1st” in the name means (or maybe not) that there will be more movies for Nanoha (?). IDK. Too few information for now.

Set to premiere on Fall this year

Update: Kurogane has more details!

  • Retelling
  • Rivalry (again?)
  • Sum costume change waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat. Potential figure lawl.
  • Just read his blog for more D: (source 3)

[ Source 1 | Source 2 | Source 3 ]

White flag raised.

Okay, I can’t make SiI3112 + OpenBSD (+ and ATA controller) to work. It seems alright at first and then after some load testing (almost 2 hours), it starts giving out timeout message. Great, huh?

Will try: openSolaris, NetBSD, DragonFlyBSD, CentOS, Nexenta, etc.

Whoa o.o

Here's the correct spelling!

Here's the correct spelling and spacing!

Just finished it… o.o


They actually animated the raep scene in the beginning part of this chapter.


And it seems I was half-sleeping when reading the novel months ago.


Now another long wait for 4th chapter’s DVD… Apparently it’ll be 4-5 in sequence, just like 1-2-3, judging from the tracks in its theme song singles, that is. 🙁

Watching anime is much easier than reading novel btw. Especially for this.

Patched VSFilter

VSFilter is the rendering standard for SSA/ASS subtitle format (oh irony).

Aegisub team has just made new patch that fixes some rendering bugs in addition to 4 new tags that fansubbers can use. Grab one now and install it!

Install instruction:

  • wait for latest CCCP release


It’s mostly useful for Aegisub and AviSynth users btw. You should extract the dll on Aegisub/csri/ folder (Windows only).

Of course you can install it to use for playback without waiting for another CCCP release.

Here’s how to:

  • Start > Run > regsvr32 c:pathtovsfilter.dll

Just be warned though that I won’t help if s**t happens.

[ Announcement and Download ]

Flash news

  • Shugo Chara! will have season 2. Apparently someone in the animeblogosphere had enough of its filler and currently in rage (or not). I just hope the tankoubon version of its manga will be released here ASAP (it’s already being published monthly in Nakayoshi). [ Source ]
  • Black Lagoon season 3 announced. I haven’t watched even the first season. I liked its first season’s opening (Red Fraction – MELL) and maybe one day will watch it. Maybe. [ Source ]
  • On totally unrelated news, I’m sleepy and still waiting for certain someone to restart the server. Or hopefully it’ll restart properly. Or I’ll be dead instead (ie. too lazy to go anywhere tomorrow). 🙁
  • Or maybe I’m forced to install its 8th harddisk which is still lazily sitting in my PC doing nothing…

I suck at checkers

My only victory

My only victory

While waiting for my friend restarting a server at remote location, I tried checkers… Which turns out I totally suck at it. Like, in about one hour (or more) playing, I only able to gain ONE victory. Fail. Anyone has tips? ;_;

(A)WarpSharp is dangerous toy

It’s useful, but must be used with utmost care. Oversharpening is BAD.  It’s good when used moderately but soon after that it’ll become simply fugly. Straight lines with start bending, especially in line intersection. Not to mention it’s irreversible.

Simple guidelines would be to never use more than 10.0 for depth and, 2 for blur, and 0.5 for threshold (for awarpsharp).

Great pics (and PSD)

I don’t usually link to downloadable files. This one is rather exceptional though: a collection of wallpapers and the source of one of the wallpaper.

Source, as in, layered PSD. Also includes sketches. And lighting. And layer adjustments, masking, etc. It’s a must see for anyone trying to make wallpaper (or anything in general). Or maybe not. Whatever.

[ Get here ]

P.S. the site also has many other interesting reads and downloads.

Finally! Zero no Tsukaima 3 in high quality

After sad state of ZnT2, where the only hq sub team are slow, the season 3 is now subbed by SS-Eclipse! It means than we can get both quality and speed for this series. 😀

SS-Eclipse is like OVER9000 times faster than SS-Ayu. Hopefully.

Go grab yourself one from usual source. Available in both 704×400 xvid and 1280×720 h264

Let’s move

Moved to http://edogawaconan.ath.cx/blog https://blog.myconan.net https://myconan.net/blog


Reason: lawl customization and maybe google ads.

And I r too lazy to move old posts.

Update 2010-03-10: updated link.

Update 2011-02-07: Update for one last time.

Update 2020-02-26: More updates.

Hey, look! I have ads!

This is one of the reason I moved away from wordpress.com: to add advertisement. 😀

It turns out that adding it is very easy with this theme (Tarski). And still valid XHTML 1.0 Strict to boot. Yay.

How to:

  • Use Tarski
  • Go to Design > Widgets
  • Add a text widget (to one of the widget location; I placed at main sidebar for this site)
  • Insert the Google Ads script! Make sure you use correct version or it’ll look like a failure
  • ???
  • Profit!

No need to install plugin or whatever. 🙂

If, for some reasons, you need to make it center-aligned, here’s the trick:
<div style="text-align:center"><-- Google Adsense Script Goes Here --></div>
And still valid XHTML 1.0 Strict. Do not use <center>, it’s a gay’s tag.

How to release animu in HD

Why HD?

  • More guaranteed downloads
  • Better than anyone else


In your AviSynth script (hey, I can safely assume that you use AviSynth, right?), just add this ULTIMATE HD MAGIC at the last line:


To increase the quality even more, don’t forget to add this:

etc etc

After the ULTIMATE HD MAGIC. It increases overall video quality by OVER9000 percent and adds MORE DETAILS the the video.

And after muxing, don’t forget to include resolution information in the filename. Either:

[Your-Group] Sum Popular Oversubbed Animu With Subtitle From Sum Other Group - 9999 (1920x1080) [CRC].ext


[Your-Group] Sum Popular Oversubbed Animu With Subtitle From Sum Other Group - 9999 [FHD][CRC].ext

It’ll give you GUARANTEED downloads.

Add the translation source’s group name after your group name (ex: [YourGroup-SauceGroup]) to increase the download count even more.