This week’s releases


No new series this week (actually there’s at least one, Evangelion Iron Maiden 2nd or whatever, but the cover art doesn’t appeal me and I need to save money by stop buying every new series available).

  • This month’s Shounen Star
  • Bleach vol. 4
  • Prince of Tennis vol. 29
  • This month’s CHIP Indonesia
  • Fullmetal Alchemist vol. 9 (yay)
  • Kamisama Kazoku vol. 5 (novel) – and I haven’t even finished vol. 1 yet. OTL

Taken with different camera than last week’s (as I can’t find the camera in the house 🙁 ), and found this old photo (not that old, just about 2 months ago):

  • Fullmetal Alchemist vol. 8
  • Kamisama Kazoku vol. 4
  • Azumanga Daioh vol. 2

Firefox + Java = Disaster

My firefox crashed twice today. That all was caused by this page‘s Java application (and I don’t know what it is for since I don’t see anything complex that needs Java).

Reasons I hate Java (in Firefox):

  • Sometimes crashes the browser (sometimes happens with Flash, too, but less often than Java)
  • Can’t be UNLOADED. I mean, the freakin Java icon stays on the systray even though the page that has Java has closed! The only way to remove that freakin icon is to exit Firefox (sometimes need to kill via Task Manager)
  • Eats my bandwidth (Flash is worse though, most times)
  • Ugly.  99% of times it uses totally-not-matching theme with the rest of system, and ugly to boot

And I also just noticed that I can’t find option to use “No Style” on Internet Explorer (7) and Apple Safari (3 Beta). Weak.

Any sites that use WHITE text on BLACK background MUST be stabbed. 👿

My watch list (for this season) + rank

Since I’ve got nothing to write today, I’ll just write up my watch list for this season here (ranked, and sometimes with comment)

  1. Spice and Wolf: need more wolf god’s wisdom, lol
  2. true tears: NOEEEEEEEE (lol)
  3. Kimi ga Aruji de, Shitsuji ga Ore de: filled with weird people 😀
  4. Ayakashi: blood!
  5. H2O: the main character should just stay blind for this series… 😛
  6. Persona -trinity soul-: what’s happening in this? @_@
  7. Minami-ke Okawari: where’s the sub? T_T
  8. Shigofumi: where’s the sub? T_T
  9. Rosario + Vampire: fanservice in HD, LOL.

This week’s!


Not as much as last week’s. That’s a good thing though as it means I spent less money… 😛

New this week: Death Note vol. 4 and Yotsuba! vol. 4 (lol both @ vol. 4)

Picture taken with REAL digital camera this time 👿


Da Capo II anime is not Da Capo II. 🙁

/r/ moar Da Capo II.

(In short, it was so short that almost makes no sense)

On another note, there’s rumor that its Second Season will run for one year (52 eps) – as absurd as it sounds, I hope it’s true -.-

New this week: Asagiri no Miko, Densha Otoko


I was surprised seeing Densha Otoko on new release this week o.o

And when I saw “Shrine of Morning Mist”, I don’t have any freakin idea what that is. It is just when I opened it and check the Japanese name I recognize it.

The rest are: Q.E.D. vol. 27 (yaaay finally MOAR QED), Yu Yu Hakuso vol. 11 (lol), Gakuen Alice vol. 7 (yaaay finally, part II), Meitantei Kiyoshiro Yumemizu vol. 2 (just read vol. 1 yesterday and it is quite funny and nice (?) 😀 ), and lastly, Monthly Shonen Magz.

CRAP site

CRAP as in CRAP.


My old website. The time when free hosting sites have unlimited space and bandwidth, and there’s free domain name (top level!) to boot.

It also reminds me how OFTEN websites’ contents changed nowadays…

And importance of storing old links…

And TRUSTING reliable hosting service (geocities, angelfire to name some. crosswinds, brinkster, topcities, etc are examples that aren’t)

Sites survived time challenge: (LWAL)

Bored, part II


I r bored again, orz

So I present this:

Kara no Kyoukai novel in txt format.

Language: Japanese, Text Encoding: UTF-8.

Now someone need to completely translate this…

Partial translation at Baka-Tsuki.

Link (broken)

(2011-02-07) Update: removed broken link.

Nero Lite!

Apparently, there are some software where I know the name (and what it do) but didn’t expect it really exist.

Nero Lite is one of them. I stumbled on it when pointlessly googling “nero lite”, expecting there’s a software like that… Just to find that it actually exist o.o

Haven’t checked it yet though but looking from the site it seems to be made by folks from MSFN, which means it’s quite reliable…

Yay for Nero 8 without the BLOAT. (like, >200 MB for a freakin burning software – well not anymore actually, it’s trying to be a media center software with burning as one of its features but not providing burning-only edition of it. WTFgreedy)


My laptop apparently gets skill up after upgrade as I’m able to watch 1280×720 h264 video file smootly now… 😀

It is Pentium M 1.40 Ghz and 768 MB of RAM…

So anyone with higher PC specification should be able to play it too…

If it isn’t, blame the user 😛

SaiGAR… or SaiLULZ. 2008

LOLOLOL this time has come again!


If last year we have Aizen’s Couch (and horse…?), this year we have DANGO!

And also complete with Tomoya, Konata, Ryuuguu Rena, Kira Yamamoto, Yoko, freakin Ito Makoto, and some other LULZ…

Starts January 5 (tomorrow). Be sure to vote your GAR LULZ character of choice!


Thanks to drmchsr0 for reminding me…

LOL marathon

In place of my usual watching/gaming/browsing/chatting/etc multitasking daily activities, I marathon kimikiss instead. 1-12. Partially motivated by a doujin from C72 and the somehow-it’s-there-in-my-hd, I watched it for 6 hours o_oa Pretty good overall 😀

Also watched some other series and first episode of Ayakashi. This is the main reason I watched it: