New this week: Asagiri no Miko, Densha Otoko


I was surprised seeing Densha Otoko on new release this week o.o

And when I saw “Shrine of Morning Mist”, I don’t have any freakin idea what that is. It is just when I opened it and check the Japanese name I recognize it.

The rest are: Q.E.D. vol. 27 (yaaay finally MOAR QED), Yu Yu Hakuso vol. 11 (lol), Gakuen Alice vol. 7 (yaaay finally, part II), Meitantei Kiyoshiro Yumemizu vol. 2 (just read vol. 1 yesterday and it is quite funny and nice (?) 😀 ), and lastly, Monthly Shonen Magz.

1 thought on “New this week: Asagiri no Miko, Densha Otoko

  1. asagiri no miko……

    now i wonder why i have a sudden urge to find out moar about that title 😐

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