Part 2: Styling CDJapan Ad, archive page and something else

Pic unrelated

Pic unrelated

See left. I’ve done much improvement to it. The style isn’t 100% perfect but I think it’s good enough and I’m not intending to match it perfectly (as it would waste space) anyway.

Oh and this probably is the ugliest hack I’ve done.

Here’s the css override code

#cdjapan  {margin:-2.5em 0 0 0;}
#cdjapan span {display:none; margin:0!important;}
#cdjapan div { width:200px !important; border:0 !important;padding:0 0 0.1em 0 !important;text-align:left!important}
#cdjapan ul {margin:0 0 1em 0!important;}
#cdjapan li {margin-bottom:0.1em!important;}
#cdjapan a {border-bottom:0 !important;}

Ya rly. Full with !important since I need to override most things in there. I even hid the original title which fortunately wrapped in a <span>.

Another is archive page which I downloaded directly from Tarski svn repository.

Also some other tweaks (check edogawaconan.css, also cleaned up sidebar) and plugins (SRG Clean Archives – required for archive page, Cleaner Gallery, Change Title Separator).

Moar updates coming soon.

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