Toaru Majutsu no Index episode 8

Phone call in battlefield

Phone call in battlefield

Hey I actually fast this time.

Continuing from last week, Touma and co (I forgot his name) Stiyl (according to Wikipedia) explore the building. There’s brief explanation about the building’s condition. Then its self-defense mechanism activated and they got separated. Touma met the miko (what’s her name again) Aisa and Stiyl met the final boss just to get his memories (from the time he entered the building) erased (aka instant lost). On other hand, Aisa healed injured student and then they (she and Touma) met final boss just to get his memory erased.

Meanwhile, in Touma’s residence, Index wondering what’s Touma doing and decided to track him upon seeing rune on the stairs outside…and then fall asleep under Deep Blood’s (aka final boss) spell. Back to pwned two, Touma remembered what happened, and punched Stiyl to make him remember what’s happened. They went to the building again and to be continued next week (actually there’re two more scenes IIRC, one seeing Deep Blood’s magic (or whatever the name is) restoring destroyed building from some soldier’s attack or whatever and the other is seeing Deep Blood and Aisa entering a room).

(I’m training my writing skillz if you’re wondering wtf I wrote above)



IDK, lol.

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  1. “punched Stiyl to make him remember whatโ€™s happened” I wonder if he didn’t bite his tongue ๐Ÿ™‚

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