Using ownCloud

Thanks to the fact NextCloud dropped Windows 8 support recently, I switched to ownCloud.

Installing the web app is pretty simple. Slightly more annoying in term of nginx rewrite compared to NextCloud but it’s fixed by just disabling “pretty” url. Their “pretty” url still involves paths ending with .php anyway. So much for being “pretty”.

There’s no problem with the desktop app either. It’s very similar to NextCloud app.

Then there’s the mobile app and here thing went bad. It occasionally crashes. By occasionally I mean it crashes at least twice when launching the app first time after not using it for a while. Opening Photos directory also used to cause crashes but apparently they fixed it recently.

That was with iOS version. Unfortunately the Android version also occasionally crashes. Not as bad as iOS though.

I’m staying with this for now until I fed up with the crashes and maybe just go back to NextCloud and use their older client version hoping it’ll stay working. Or if they finally decide to support earlier versions of Windows Server as it should also mean it’ll work with Windows 8 again.

Edit: browsing the NextCloud issues it looks like they removed hard requirement on the Windows 10 1709+ only API and Windows 8.1 will be supported again.

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