Weekly FGO vol. 89


Challenge quests 2017 series!

First off was Spartacus. Being Berserker I figured I should let Okita do her job for once.

And then Suzuka Gozen. Reading her gimmick on wiki just confused me and I saw Himiko listed as recommended servant so off with the usual endurance team I went. It took a while but cleared no problem.

Third one was Arash. Poor guy, his invulnerability piercing is now a joke thanks to Castoria.

Same team as above. Himiko’s 2 OC buff is particularly convenient.

I wanted to get rid of Arjuna as early as possible so I enlisted Spartacus… though looking again I should’ve just used Morgan here. His def ignoring NP worked pretty well for Karna but wasn’t quite enough.

In the end Okita did the final clean up.

Da Vinci! I remembered attempting this one in NA a long while ago (and failed). Usual endurance team because didn’t want to think too much.

First Hassan challenge quest is still annoying as ever. I hate instant death. On the player side, it’s unreliable on normal quests, it prevents any NP refunds, it doesn’t work on challenge quests. While on enemy side, it usually works. With annoyingly high percentage. There are only few ways to counter that: Moon Cancer and some prayers so the enemy will hit them, death immunity buff which is pretty rare and I have none of, and lastly guts.

Guts worked for me but it also meant very low HP almost all the time. At least it made up for my mistake of giving BB debuff immunity which prevented her from receiving enemy NP whoops. Asclepius worked quite a lot better than I expected there.

I should probably start leveling up Sanzo…

And lastly the finale! There is also a new enhanced finale but they worked out mostly the same. Also the same Morgan just mostly spamming her NP. Took a bit more turns than I’d like to thanks to the lack of ignore evasion buff.

That concludes the challenge quests!… or does it. Kinda want to repeat with lower rarity servants but I don’t quite have time to spare.


…I ended up rolling 99 times for Valkyrie/Napoleon day.

…and got nothing. Great.

Summer rerun incoming! I hope 250 rolls will be enough to get another copy of Jeanne Summer.

And it would be even better if I have enough left for Merlin and Okita Summer. And maybe Musashi and Lambda while at it. Those last two aren’t going to be useful until next year though so there’s still another chance.

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