Weekly FGO vol. 88


Suddenly NeroFes! Which means farming time! Not as hardcore as advanced players but still plenty of them. My current three turns team depends very heavily on two Castoria.

As an aside,

Finally leveled her up. I don’t have any more grails so that’s her current max level for now. I’m also lacking mats to max out her last skill so it’s only 10/10/8. At least it’s only lacking one specific new mats so it should be relatively easy to gather once the node or whatever appears.

Meanwhile the challenge quests, I’m taking it easy this time.

It’s no 7 turns or anything absurd like that but still simple enough. I just have Himiko punches Herc repeatedly until he is finally dead for good. Merlin and Castoria (and Himiko) make a good endurance party.

Second one, the Scathach and Cu pair was even easier. Can’t really go wrong with Muramasa for cleaning up Lancers.

Using Morgan probably isn’t the best choice for clearing quest that consists solely of Assassins. But hey, it worked. Her OC buff helped Castoria a lot as well. The main annoyance was waiting for Morgan’s guts skill to finish cool down so I could kill the Hassan which triggers instant death on death.

It’s a Saber with very high def buff. That means it’s time for Fujino with her ignore def buff. Cleared pretty quickly except for the dragons and stuff because no area NP servant was used.

Various classes and stuff which means Morgan time (again). Exactly same strategy as the Hassanfes above sans the guts.

Gilgamesh has a lot of HP and I don’t have Skadi to buff Gubijin. Though now I think about it I should’ve used Kagetora instead. Oh well. Same Merlin and Castoria support (Castoria was dead before the last turn though).

There was a def buff applied for the “Finale” one so it’s Muramasa time with his ignore def buff thing. Nothing too fancy. Oh and Fujino is back to finish Nero with her stacked up def buff.

And lastly the Finale prototype. I actually did this first and wasn’t actually expected this comp to actually work especially considering Morgan wasn’t equipped with event CE. She did manage to get rid 4 out of 6 servants here so that was pretty cool. As with the previous one the remaining two with rather thick def buff were finished by Fujino.

I’m not sure if I’ll bother retrying with lower rarity this time around as I’ve got a few other stuff I want to do as well and farming this already takes a lot of time.


Anniversary is here! GSSR! And it was Skadi! Damn it her NP2 is barely more useful than NP1.

That sucked. As I have over 300 rolls available I also did 10 11 rolls for Lolinci but got nothing.

At least I also got another copy of 2030 so I finally can MLB it.

As mentioned last week, I cleared the event challenge quest with Okita. Took me a few tries until I gave up and equipped all supports with Gudaguda Kanban CE. That worked out very well.

Next event is… Summer rerun? Jeanne Summer NP2 would be nice.

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