Weekly FGO vol. 86


New LB chapter. New servants. Takeuchi servant, to be more precise.

Roll I did. 100-something. It yielded nothing. There are still a few farmable SQ left in my account. Farm them I did. All of them. Interludes, free quests, strengthening, new chapter itself, and lastly bond 11+ which I can sanely attain.

But nope, no Morgan in sight. As last ditch effort 20k yens flew away and thankfully it was enough. 20k too much but at least I did get her. Yay?

I probably should’ve done the same for Skadi except I stopped at 10k last time (or more like I shouldn’t have either time). The lesson is to prepare for at least 40k if going to spend anything on this crap.

Up next is getting another copy of her… maybe next year. Or if she appears again during anniversary or something.

Considering we’ve got Takeuchi servant this time does it mean there will be no summer servant from him again this year? I don’t think I’ll spend a dime on this anymore until at least next year.

On Morgan herself, she should make a pretty good farming servant with her 50% NP charge, 20% of which is can be targeted. It’s no system but a lot of highest difficulty farming quests can’t be done using system anyway.

Oh right, the new LB itself wasn’t too difficult. I did use free Castoria support for almost all rounds (and some saberface higher rarity servants) but none of them are particularly difficult or interesting.

And then my backlog has gotten even longer.

Back to the rolls a bit, I didn’t get any other SSR servant but I did get two more Kaleidoscope so that’s nice. And five Tristan and four Gawain.


…I don’t even remember what I did here. Probably just farming for QP and stuff. I need a lot of QP. Also free quests. I’ve cleared them all. All that’s left for me is some tens of interludes.

14M download campaign is coming up which means 10 tickets.

I do have about 200 rolls available here. I just hope it’s enough for one more Jeanne Summer and one Merlin.

That said, the anniversary event should give out some more SQ and stuff. And there’s Lucky Bag Summon as well for Merlin (1/45) so I’m still hopeful for that.

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