I’ve been pwned by it. Playing it for (almost) three hours proved fatal for my brain. Now I’m feeling dizzy and might vomit anytime. @_@

FYI, I don’t usually get dizzy from playing any form of games (including FPS). This is the first game that can make me totally dizzy (in normal gameplay – “stupidly self-improved gameplay” might get me dizzy too).

And apparently I’m not the only one. I should’ve stopped after one hour 🙁

1 thought on “Portal

  1. Only three hours for a game and feeling sick? Hmm… There busy be something terribly wrong with that game. I personally haven’t come across a single game that has made my sick or dizzy; most of the time I quit playing a game is because of boredom, i.e. UT gets boring after a few hours, AoE and RoN gets boring when you fail a mission within the time limit and you have to do it again to complete it, etc.

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