Oregairu kan ep. 12 (end)

Oh wow that was quite something. Spoilers ahead.

That confession. That. Confession. I sure didn’t expect that. Holy crap. What the fuck was that. That hit me unbelievably good. Amplified with Yukitoki playing in the background. Too bad Hachiman didn’t reply straight away.

So the entire episode is pretty much Yukino being cute. And Iroha planning for her NTR project.

Oh and the birth of Iroha/Komachi pair. That one is pretty dangerous.

In the end the aforementioned pair managed to reapply for the same club with Komachi as the head and Yukino and Hachiman as the members. Topping it off, Yui being their first client consulting about her best friend becoming girlfriend with her, uh, what’s the term again, yeah whatever, something like that.

Up next! Or more like next half year. Shall I review those? My reading speed is pretty slow though.

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