Oregairu kan ep. 11

There’s no screenshot that’s good enough and not spoilerific. Not that anyone hasn’t guessed yet and the more I write the clearer what it’s about.

Spoilers ahead.

Oh wow hahaha that was one hell of confession. Good job Hachiman on not backing off when Yukino initially tried to run away.

The following confession though, what even is let warping one’s life even lol. The following dialogue was also very much Hachiman and Yukino each not quite honest with their words and ended up being rather questionable. The intent was of course clear enough though.

And poor Yui, just how many times has she gotten shot down now. Better luck next time and she sure did amazing job holding back her emotion when the other party’s instance is clear cut. I’ll let her take her break.

The actually surprising part is that Hachiman is forcing his connection with Yukino (after the breakup of the club) by turning the dummy prom plan into actual thing. Haruno also seemed to be sufficiently satisfied.

Final episode next week! This sure was one long journey. A very good one.

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