Weekly FGO vol. 42

Pretty long post o_o


Anniversary stream last Monday. There are quite a few updates as expected.

First off is SQ bonus from the stream itself. A total of 90 stones will certainly be useful.

Login bonus for a week as expected is now ongoing. 10 tickets and some Fous are definitely useful. The extra login bonus of ☆4 Fous and rare prism are nice as well.

Half AP Chaldea Gate is usual stuff as well. And also useful considering the other update.

And then there’s the 5 times great and super success chance for leveling up servants and CEs. I’ve kind of waited for this but along the way I completely filled up my storage with all exp cards so I had to just use them and left with almost no one else to level up. Well, until the other thing arrived. I probably should do something about the CE as well but they’re just pretty annoying to level.

Command code storage expansion is pretty useful. Especially combined with the other update I’ll definitely need as many storage as I can. As for the servant and CE expansion using mana prisms, well, I don’t have any more mana prisms left. Not that I particularly need to expand either of them at the moment anyway.

Next update is mana prism bonus change. Previously, completing chaldea gate quest for first time will grant mana prism. But then you have to clear every one of them to get the full whatever amount of mana prisms reward available. They updated that so the mana prisms are now rewarded for completing up to any three quests. That’s pretty nice as it means guaranteed 30 mana prisms every day.

Together with that update is some new missions for new Lostbelt chapters. I wasn’t even paying attention on that one but apparently there weren’t bonus for clearing later chapters. And there are.

There’s command code update! Code removal/attachment can now be freely done. Finally I can attach Codes without worrying about having to use it somewhere else and lost some Code Remover. On the other hand, Code Remover is now pretty useless being just for regaining used Code Opener. At least it’s useless for me as I have plenty of unused Openers. Maybe it’ll change once I start actively using the Codes?

Strengthening quests are all revealed. I think I’ve got at least one servant every day except the last day. Quite a few interesting buffs but the major one for me especially is Cu’s guts now with one less cooldown turn and addition of attack buff for every lost HP. Him on low health is pretty common occurrence so that’ll definitely help things a lot. My only complaint is he’s kind of the last servant needing more buffs. Herc’s new guts is another one that’s not really needed.

Main quest permanent half AP isn’t really useful for me as I’ve completed them but the new SQ fragment for progressing main quest means more free SQ. Yay 149 stones.

Next is lucky bag summon. As expected it’s mixed servants this time around. Thankfully there’s twist of per-year summon. And a nice bonus of one guaranteed SR servant in addition to SSR.

As I still haven’t gotten my Skadi, I went for 2017 bag for that 1/11 chance getting Skadi. I didn’t get her but got Salter Summer instead. That’s a very welcome miss. And even better I got my second copy of Fujino. It looks like I’m not doomed with NP1 of her. Definitely a good result for me.

There are also new costumes for some servants of which I have two of them. Eh those are fine. Not particularly excited especially considering actually unlocking them requires mats which I barely have. The tickets are welcome though.

Together with the new costume which includes Bunyan costume, there’s re-rerun of her quest. This time they added bonus of 50 mana prisms for each copy of her so I’ll be clearing it for I don’t know how many times now. Her quests can also be unlocked later with rare prisms which would be useful for future players. And now where’s the re-rerun of Onigashima and Jailter Christmas…

As for the new Da Vinci CE, Idol Maker, I’m not sure if I’ll be getting it. Those aren’t really useful and I especially don’t need this specific Master + Mystic Code exp combo. Maybe I’ll get one but I doubt I have enough to get all five.

I’ve bought up the other stuff though including the half cost exp cards. At normal price they are pretty bad value but it sure is fine at half the cost.

I’m kind of tempted to get the Command Code Strengthening item but rare prism is kinda rare. At one rare prism it’s not too expensive though.

There are a few other new display and tutorial update. Nothing too exciting.

The memorial quest though, this time it’s pretty easy. The most difficult one is Arjuna Alter but that’s about it.

And lastly! For the anniversary update! Of course the new Artoria Caster.

At 187 rolls, it certainly wasn’t cheap. It also means I have almost no SQ now. RIP me. With her, FGO JP is now welcoming the age of Arts. She broke Appmedia ranking system and brought many arts servants’ rank up. Luckily I have one of the most useful servant for that which is Musashi Summer. She’s only NP1 but apparently it’s plenty.

Before going deeper on that, along the way I got no other SSR servants which sucked. No Kaleidoscope either. At least I did get another Black Grail. On SR servants, I got Chiyome, Ranryoou, Anne & Mary, Stheno (now NP4), Hercules (now NP3). Another copy of Valkyrie would’ve been nice but oh well.

Back to Castoria, as I’ve piled up plenty of exp cards, I got her to 90. As for the skills, I’m still slowly working on it. Training grounds are all open until next week so I should be fine on skill gemstones. I’m not sure what to do with seeds yet though as I think I’m lacking quite a lot of them. 23 to be precise. I do have the rest though. Even the ones people seem to have struggle with like eggs (currently at 63) and comet shard (65). Not leveling up higher rarity servant probably helped on that front.

I also got Salter Summer to 90 along the way. And then I ran out of exp cards. Maybe I’ll gather a bit more to get Chen Gong to 80 or something.

As for summer, all they revealed are the theme being summer camp and some new servants and costumes. They announced Illya Summer. Yay. And then I spent all my SQ and tickets for Castoria. Welp. I currently have 9 tickets and 101 SQ. There will be upcoming 10 tickets and maybe I’ll scrape a bit more from various free quests, strengthening, and interludes.

And even worse is they haven’t revealed Takeuchi’s servant yet. Most likely it’ll start next Wednesday.

In the end, I have a nice Takeuchi servants line up as per opening image of this post. I still need to level up some skills and I hope we’ll be getting free SR this year as well so I can finally NP2 Valkyrie.


Meanwhile NA, I’m still farming hard and slow. At one million doujin thingy total, I’m a third way there. The shop is also about the same progress. At current rate it looks like I’ll need to consume some apples.

As for banners, I’m not rolling anything. Gotta save for next year! Assuming I still play this game by then.

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