Oregairu (+S2)

Ha, who am I kidding, this series is too good to not be watched in single two sittings. One day for the first season, and another one for the second season.

I don’t usually do rewatch (marathon or otherwise) and as for TV series, I think the last rewatch I did was over 15 years ago on D.N.Angel. I think.

I even forgot about the extra episode. I’m not sure if I watched it but I think I have as I do remember how it ended. On related note, I also learned the bonus novels included in some of the BDs are summed up in that extra episode. I’ve only skimmed it but it’s way more detailed in there (as usual).

I forgot to open any of the S2 BDs

Next day (or more like later the day) I managed to finish Zoku as well.

And then there’s OVA for second season which I don’t think I’ve watched at all. Poor Ilohas 😔

Also I still hate the character design for S2 (and now also S3).

Overall, it is as good as I remember. Or even a bit better as I’ve understood Japanese more and got more of the references.

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