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This picture is not related in any way with the content of this post

This picture is not related in any way with the content of this post

It begin when I realized that my older post is broken (<style> inside <body>. Ha).The fix is simple: just comment that part in wp-includes/media.php. Lulz.

Then I got bored and look for something that’s lighter and more useful than Lightbox. After short browsing (googling) I found this Lytebox. Its benefit is clear:

  • lightweight
  • doesn’t mess with right/middle click
  • automatic resizing when the picture is larger than browser window

I installed it then bawww I got nice Lightbox-like image viewing capability.

Then I back to the earlier post to check the gallery… just to find that the pictures link to a specialized page for viewing attachments. No next button etc. Good.


Searching some more (initially attempted to modify the code just to find that it’s freakinly troublesome). And found this Direct Image URLs For Galleries. And it works.

or not.

The important rel= part for Lytebox is missing on the gallery o.o


Solution? It is as primitive as it can be.

in direct-image-urls-for-galleries.php:

return wp_get_attachment_url( $id );return wp_get_attachment_url( $id ).'' rel='lytebox[galleryz]';


At least it works. Beatifully at that 😀

With this, bump to 2.11

[ The post I meant ]

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