My SSD doesn’t quite “work” with HP Z210 SFF/CMT.

  • Model: CT525MX300SSD1
  • Brand: Crucial
  • Type: MX300
  • Capacity: 525Go
  • Error:
    • 1798- Hard drive with hardware encryption enabled detected while in RAID mode. Drive: SATA0 (Dark Blue). Drives that are using hardware encryption should not be included in RAID volumes. Using them may cause volume corruption and unpredictable behavior.

It can still be booted (I think) but F1 needs to be pressed when on startup which is annoying.

Note that same type but with 275Go capacity doesn’t have same problem.

Update 2017-05-31: Doesn’t work with Z210 CMT either. Same error.

Update 2017-08-04: Forgot to update but the drive does work after I clear out the eDrive mode or something. It was done using Crucial’s SSD utility.

2 thoughts on “HP Z210 SFF/CMT and SSD

  1. Hi I found the solution by accident. Go into BIOS -> Storage -> Storage Options
    Change sata emulation from” Raid+AHCI” to “IDE”
    Hit F5 to save changes

    Just for giggles try and switch sata emulation back to “RAID + AHCI”

    A warning message about OPAL appears…. Do not hit ok or F5….

    Hope this helps someone

    • That’d kill the performance. As mentioned in my update, use manufacturer’s provided tool to disable encryption mode. PSID in crucial (I think). Something like this.

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