Summer 2013 Week 2

And so week 2 of Summer 2013 has passed. Thankfully I’ve got no* backlogs though there are some series I haven’t watched because there’s no sub yet. Mainly Kaminai ūüôĀ

Most of series has begun and sadly none of them seem to provide interesting OP song. That may change later as I grown attached to the series but it’s kinda sad considering there are at least two I really liked from beginning of previous season (DAL and Valvrave). As for the ED, I don’t usually like any of them until later anyway so there’s no problem.

This week is overall “ok”. Nothing really outstanding yet. Well, except Silver Spoon, I guess. I don’t consider that exceptional as the source material is really good (and simple) and it’d take quite an effort to mess up that one.

Also, I still suck at writing  Hopefully will write better next week ( ._.)/

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