ef – a tale of melodies episode 1 RAW (‘OMFG eyecancer’ edition)

All the raws and subbed video for ef2 sucks. Especially for episode 1. They all have either ring, halo, rainbow, dotcrawl, two of them, three of them, or even all of them (or maybe even more problems). Seriously.

Hence, this is an attempt to share my filtered raw. Still has all problems mentioned above, so make sure you watch with care (ie. stop when needed before you get REAL eyecancer). Original raw from Zero-Raws.

File in mkv, with x264 video and aac audio. Also chaptered.

Maybe one day I’ll make/rip subtitle from some other group but won’t make a patch, only synced .ass file.

Also torrent has no/slow seeder so better download from DDL link that was uploaded by alchemist11.

No detail will be provided for this release as I have other use for this raw which requires me to not publicly release the detail.

Mini-games: flame my raw (with screenshot of proof of course).

Added LOL subtitle. Synchronized from Menclave’s. Also added some FAIL sign typesets. Partly thanks to the fact I only use 3 fonts (one of them is “Fansub Block” which is used for notes box).

I might have missed some signs though as I didn’t do any QC for this. :>

[ Torrent | DDL | Source RAW ]

Subtitle: [ Torrent | DDL ]

And my raw sucks.

3 thoughts on “ef – a tale of melodies episode 1 RAW (‘OMFG eyecancer’ edition)

  1. Excuse me, how did you get the ‘Fansub Block’ font? I’m trying to search for it (for the sake of hardcoding subtitles without an ‘A’ turning into an ‘A’ instead of a box), but using Google I haven’t been able to find a source, or even many references to it. If you read this, I strongly hope that you can be of help. *bows*

    Thank you for your time.

  2. –after further research, have learned how to extract font file attachments from .mkv files. Very sorry for taking up your time! (*in any case, happiness at learning the answer*)

  3. WOW. That’s all I can say. One would think that raw providers should have some clue as to how filtering works. You have to filter for rainbow and dot crawl BEFORE compression.

    How hard is it to use TComb? Seriously… I know they’re rushed, but there’s just no excuse for some of the horrible raws I’ve seen lately.

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