On AFAID 2012

So, uh, in the end, I decided to go to this AFAID despite my current state. Due to that I got laziness fee of 100k IDR for buying two days worth of standing concert tickets (which includes stage and exhibition tickets). On the brighter side, there’s almost no queue for this type of ticket which, from what others told me, saved me two hours of queuing.

On the exhibition area itself, there were almost nothing of interest to me (read: no official anime goodies apart of some nendoroid or whatever which I don’t have interest of). There’s also Danny Choo’s booth which just as irrelevant to my interest. There’s of course Maid Cafe and Butler Cafe which I bet costs beyond what I’m willing to pay. The AFA official shop itself only contains goodies for anisong artists itself which I don’t have interest of either. There’s also Bushiroad booth which sells their TCGs like Vanguard and Weiss-Schwarz. Too bad I don’t have anyone to play against (most of time) which make it rather pointless for me. The “Anime” part of “AFA” didn’t really live up in the exhibition area. Or at least didn’t really interest me. Well, I guess it’s fine if you like cosplays since there were quite a lot of cosplayers in there.

The stage area had various talkshows etc. Too bad the first day is lacking on anime (turns out the two promoted anime are for second day) but I guess it’s okay overall. The cosplay performances were p.good, too.

The featured anime were E7AO (current season) and K (next season). We got screening of what probably is its episode 1 (first half?) which looked pretty well animated despite being done by GoHands Studio (Princess Lover!, Asa Made Jugyou Chu!). Also apparently it’ll be simulcasted on Animax at exact same time. Looks like it doesn’t target any specific gender.

And then finally what I was coming there for – the anisong performances. Queue was crazy since like 1600 (the event starts at 1800 with entrance opens at 1745). Indonesia being Indonesia, the queue was relatively chaotic. Having artists or whatever coming out from the gate (day 1) certainly didn’t help (read: made it worse). The second day went much better and with some strategies, I secured first line of queue and everything went well. Yeah, I’m cutting short the story here.

And then, the anisong itself! First day has Ichirou Mizuki (aka Aniki), 7!! (I think it reads seven oops or something. It can be called seven eleven, too if you bored enough), bless4 (the singer of Aquarion series’ themes), and LiSA (who doesn’t know her?). Second day has angela, KOTOKO, Sea*A, and Stereopony.

First day, I know like less of 50% of songs performed that day. I know none of Ichirou Mizuki’s song, none of 7!!, 3 of LiSA (I’m never a fan of her Angel Beats songs), and most of bless4 (good thing I marathoned Aquarion, followed by watching EVOL). Bless4 one went p.crazy especially the first song (Sousei no Aquarion with its ichiman nen to nisen nen mae kara aishiteru). Well, I guess seeing the bless4 alone justified the cost for first day. LiSA’s Crossing Field and oath sign also helped.

Second day, it started with Sea*A (which means I don’t get to rest as much after this). angela went not as expected (I only know like two of their songs – Aoi Haru (SYD) and Shangri-La (Fafner) despite good amount of angela songs on my play list). Oh, there’s also Cruel Angel’s Thesis which someone claimed as “epicest moment of the night” (well, I guess everyone in there should know that song which helps). Stereopony went just as predicted (I only know three – Namida no Mukou (Gundam 00), Tsukiakari no Michishirube (DtB), and stand by me (E7AO)). They also played relevant anime for some of their songs which made me wonder why didn’t they do it for all of the songs. KOTOKO is obviously the one I know best. Which like two or three songs I don’t know (something from BlazBlue, Kazoku Keikaku, and one other I forgot). The rest were Shana theme songs, Hayate no Gotoku (HnG), Re-Sublimity (Kannazuki no Miko), and Face of Fact (Baldr Force). KOTOKO and angela got encore (I think. Unreliable memory, etc).

Edit: forgot to mention about Cruel Angel’s Thesis by angela.

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