Moebooru 3.2

Finally reached the goal: Rails 3.2.6. The isn’t much change between 3.1 and 3.2 which is why I skipped 3.1. As there isn’t much front-end change, it means there isn’t any user-visible changes. Or at least there shouldn’t be.


  • Move to jQuery
  • Use paper_trail for versioning (or something else)
  • Add SVG support (and maybe drop SWF support)
  • Actual news ticker
  • And more!

3.2.0 has been branched and currently running on some servers. The next version, 3.2.1 is on default branch and being tested on As (finally) there are database changes, it will not be tested directly on live servers until it is stable enough.

Changes include better support for JRuby, use mini_magick instead of custom plug-in, less monkey-patches (but more bugs), and various clean-ups.

4 thoughts on “Moebooru 3.2

  1. Nice work, but I have a problem again:D lol. I reinstalled moebooru, runned it and it was working. But it won’t upload posts if I send any picture 🙁 Any solution? I created folders: data/image, data/jpeg, data/preview, data/sample, data/search like before, but now it upload image to some folders, but post will not appear anywhere 🙁 If you can help, thank you in advance.

  2. Problem again. If I make a post, image will upload, but post isn’t anywhere. If you’d help me, thank you in advance.

  3. hey I am trying to get moebooru working but I can not get the postgres plugin test_parser and the plpgsql working. How did you do this? I am currently using PostgreSQL version 9.2.4

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