To Heart 2 Dungeon Travelers OVA 1

Yuzuhara Konomi, Witch(?) version. Awesomely kawaii~

To Heart 2. Originally a visual novel by Leaf/Aquaplus released in 2004. Followed by PC/eroge version. And then ported back to console. It got animated in TV series form in 2005 and then lots and lots of various variations released. In game, manga, and anime form.

Even looking at the anime alone, it’s got single TV series (2005), followed by OVA – TH2OVA (2007), another OVA – TH2AD (2008), another OVA – TH2AD+ (2009), more OVA – TH2ADnext (2010), and finally now yet another fucking OVA – TH2DT (2012). Pretty sure the only non-mainstream series went this long post-2004 in my knowledge (feel free to correct me).

Anyway, this OVA set up at an RPG setting (in some VR-style gaming machine) which the characters themselves set up the roles. Or whatever. They don’t even bother making Kouno remotely useful by giving him a princess role (hahaha) with his harem get to play as his knights or enemies. Pretty much mindless fun. Don’t forget to turn off your brain when watching this.

Strangely enough (or not?) despite the revealing costumes of other heroines, I find Konomi’s costume the best. The witch costume really fits her and boosted her cuteness several times.

As yet another service OVA, it’s done a great job. The overall, whatever left story is quite funny and if you’re a TH-fags you’ll surely find this entertaining.

Manaka Komaki – doesn’t even remotely fit playing as last boss. Pitied even by her sister.

Yuri moment is surefine.

Poor Ilfa ;_;

(I haven’t written any animu commentary since like forever and sure enough my writing style is still as crappy as ever)

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