Hitsugi no Chaika chapter 1

Here be fileserve link to Hitsugi no Chaika chapter 1 which seems to be recommended by Kurogane.

Here’s the bash command I used to leech from this batoto.com thingy. Originally one-liner but reformatted for readability:

for i in {1..66}; do
  curl -O "$(curl http://www.batoto.net/read/_/52737/hitsugime-no-chaika_ch1_by_village-idiot/$i 
    | grep 'img src="http://img.batoto.com/comics/' 
    | sed -E 's/.*src="([^"]+)".*/1/')"

Yes, I parsed html using sed/regex 😀

Flame away.

PS: Apparently I fail at leeching shit. Should’ve checked file formats before deciding it’s jpg. Just extract the files and rename the files with correct extension if you’re feeling dilligent (or getting broken image with MMCE). Only page 1-4 are jpg.

PS: whatever. Fixed everything. Added ddl from my own site since I want to waste some bandwidth.

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