Butler Girl & Senhorita – ho yay

From the mangaka of Rakka Ryuusui, Ikki Sanada, still with yuri-ish theme but no longer in 4-koma format presenting a story about a butler and his her master. The butler was left by her parents due to some trickery done by their friend thanks to them being a really nice people. As a bonus, the yuri theme in this series is much more explicit than in Rakka Ryuusui.

Actually I’ve known this series last year but never got around to actually read it. The fact that it’s being scanlated at snail’s pace doesn’t contribute in raising my interest to actually read it. It just happened tonight when I checked first few pages of chapter 10 and noticed something familiar – namely the art. I didn’t know who Ikki Sanada was when I first read it and just thought “oh nice art and seemingly fun story” and nothing more. Sometime this year though, the local publisher here published localized version of Rakka Ryuusui and holy cow, it sure is good o_o)b

Anyway, there are only ten chapters released this far so it should be pretty easy to catch up. Just add the scanlator’s site to your favorite RSS reader to ensure you’ll get the latest chapter as soon as it is released.

The event which became the basic foundation of the story.

The character is pretty good this far – a double-faced ojou-sama, an ultra-weak-against-alcohol butler, cosplay-lover maids and respective master, overly honest butler, a jelly fiancée (and in wrong gender) and the obligatory butler (main character)’s childhood friend (or self-declared wife). Well, mostly are generic characters but as per Ikki Sanada, the interaction is nicely done and successfully (IMO) delivered good laughs. Definitely better than roller coaster-y Nichijou (at least the anime).

Oh and the title above is actual Engl(r)ish translation written on the manga’s cover.

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