Dolls of God episode 3 – the one last faction

Finally, some action! Except that there isn’t actual animation on the combat. And then the mystery character which happens… er, never mind. It’d be a spoiler if I continued that. Anyway, from what I read there will be three factions fighting each other: the village faction #1 / pseudo modern (Kyohei et al), village faction #2 / classic to death (pictured above) and REVENGE faction (that post-teenager Accelerator guy). Volume three covers back-story or something though so there isn’t much more I know with regard to actual fights.

Anyway, the story still going good though there doesn’t seem to be any information about how long this series will be. I don’t have enough knowledge about Brain’s Base so I don’t know how they usually goes with the story. At least their Spice and Wolf II and Durarara!! is quite good but Akikan! is quite a joke and Dororon Enma-kun Meeramera is wat worthy.

As I continue to get distracted, I haven’t watched much and my scheduled post stock is running out. But don’t worry, weekend is coming so hopefully I can finish a certain job and finally watch anime in peace.

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