Yuru Yuri episode 1 – Just right amount of yuriness

Turned out pretty good. Yes, I’m one of LFB mentioned by [Erica](http://okazu.blogspot.com/2011/07/yuri-anime-yuru-yuri-english.html). Don’t worry, I like yuri both serious and comedy themed! Not that I’ve actually watched that much though (yet).

Your standard 4 high shool girls-themed slice of life comedy anime. The twist is this something resembling triangle love and TWO (yes TWO – not one but only two – or maybe more?) person with tendency to nosebleed when thinking on certain line of thoughts. If you know what I mean.

Add a siscon older sister instead of siscon older brother from original material and it’s perfect! Yay! /lol

Oh and the OP is quite catchy and fun. Yuriyurararayuruyuriyurirurarara~

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