Sacred Seven episode 1 – not enough maids…?

“We didn’t want too much trouble, so we bought the school.”

Yet another superhero show from Sunrise. Well, the previous one hasn’t even finished and now we have another one. This one takes entirely different approach – a much more classic, typical approach.

* Filthy rich private company (and able to buy entire school in a blink)
* Obtained power
* Tragic hero (and a high school student)
* Baseless faith
* Current period
* Ancient power
* Lots of maids (…er)
* Oh and an obvious arch-nemesis?

The damage on the city doesn’t seem to be discussed further so I’m still wondering how they covered that. Or perhaps I missed something? Well, in the end, there’re enough eye-candy to keep me watching for the moment and Sunrise being Sunrise, the animation is relatively decent. Also, FictionJunction.

Too bad it seems planned as a single-cour series. We’ll see how Sunrise develops this series.

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