DXVA with Media Player Classic

After getting a laptop with C-50 cpu, I tried to make DXVA work with that laptop. The result was pretty good but there are some points which must be ensured:

  • Update VGA driver: DXVA is famous for being crappy and it still holds today. Updating to latest driver will reduce probability of it being crappier than ever.
  • Get latest, greatest MPC-HC: don’t use the one from CCCP stable for same reason as stated above.
  • Set output to EVR-CP: or VMR9 Renderless in XP. Required for subtitle.
  • Don’t forget to auto-load subtitles.
  • Tell the decoder to ignore all check on compatibility as pictures below. I haven’t got any crashes but then again I haven’t used it to watch full episodes. YMMV

Obligatory screenshot of mpc-hc in action:

And the file was located at a windows share over wireless connection.

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