Infinite Stratos episode 9 – jelly factory indeed

(in case you didn’t know, jelly is a meme – which is the bastardized form of jealous)

Poor Shinonono-san

With latest addition of German-tan into harem, the lol-factor multiplied and so did moe-factor.

With this episode, German-tan is my 2nd most favorite heroine in this series. Also confirmed this being the best comedy this season. Hurr.

What is this I don't even-

After actual comparison with others’ height, she is indeed smaller than I thought. Which nicely fits her into loli category, I guess.

She wasn’t kidding when she said she’s going to be his spouse.

What a great view to start day

A bit inconsistent with her behavior later on though.

She/he must be awesome

And the answer is…

LOL Gaijin Otaku

She’s got an entire division dedicated for her… relation matter.

On the other hand, France-tan…

Enjoying date with her destined one (?)

Of course complete with the usual…


Twintail osananajimi has the best reaction (just like her’s in previous episode)

“Visual error”

Usual stuff happened. With a twist of discovered by teacher. France-tan is as sharp as ever and poor her ;_;

Be strong, Char!

Also a great nickname she has. And considering her IS piloting ability, it really fits her.

Also crazy as ever

The most surprising thing is of course the fact that Ichika’s blushed when seeing his sister’s swimsuit figure.

Poor France-tan ;_;

Also herp derp Ichika.

No Ichika, you got her all wrong

With 3-4 episodes left, it sure looks like the core story will be rushed or something.

Story? Plot? Who needs one?

From the look of things, it’s one of the rare nicely executed harem anime.

Next episode, the real osananajimi will get her power up and able to fight on same height with all her rivals.

Thursday sure is great this season.

Update: Blargh WordPress keep breaking my edits.

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