King of Thorn – laaaaaaaate


Just kiss already, dammit

(the picture above doesn’t represent what this anime is about at all)


So, um, I was months late. Freaking months. That’s just for the feature anime. The manga, well, years late. Crap.

It started out simple. A new virus appeared, one company mythically declared that they have “solution” for it, and only for limited amount of peoples.┬áIf I have to analogize it, the first half felt like Resident Evil while the latter half felt like Primer (without the time jump, of course).

Apparently I downloaded this when it first released by AtsA but at the time I thought it was just some old movie remastered so I didn’t bother checking it. My usual download – sort – and finally let it collect dust routine. And then Animanda released it. Curious (and forgot that I’ve downloaded it before), I downloaded it (on both my own torrent box and remote torrent box), checked what’s the deal and saw Hanazawa Kana. So I though, heck, I’ll watch it.

Aaaaand watched it I did and found what I’ve said on the previous paragraph. Highly amused (being able to connect shit felt awesome) and entertained (by Kana-tan’s voice, ofc), I did some investigation (what) on the series and found out it’s a manga adaptation and the wiki said that there’s modification on the storyline. Usual business.

Recommended on some social network and someone mentioned there’s the movie with 1080p resolution on our server already. As I don’t even know such thing exist (the one I downloaded was 720p), checked it I did and indeed – I’ve downloaded it at January. Durrrrrrrrrr.

The manga is completely translated on several countries except Indonesia (probably) and available at Amazon, etc. Or you can torrent it. Or whatever.

So, yeah, I guess I’ll read the manga watch the anime again. To get complete understanding (and to listen to Kana-tan’s voice again :>).

PS: in case you haven’t realized already (by me mentioning Primer), the latter half is confusing. Like, totally. I was able to connect most of them in the end except for several parts (mainly the certain slightly-different repeating scenes).

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