Puella Magi Madoka Magica episode 8 – um, what

Here be review for this episode. Obviously contains spoiler (for just up to this episode ofc since I don’t read external source/spoiler). And for once, this blog features ANALYSIS! There’s a good reason I avoid analysis route for my major.

Welcome to reality. Also everyone, don't forget to set your "trust in humanity" knob as low as you can to prevent this

So, Sayaka is indeed turned into Witch. The reason is simple: suddenly she rethinks on what she’s actually protecting. Classic. The timing is really great though as expected from plot device. Added with the confession done by her best friend to her crush. Though I doubt Hitomi’s actually confessing. Just like how Sayaka mis-guessed on reason why Homura was late on rescue. Sure is maxing her depression state. As usual, being in one extreme is dangerous – change from one extreme state to total opposite state is easy. Or so I think.

On the other hand, Homura seems to be keeping some kind of secrets about Madoka (in the future?). Being someone from different timeline, she sure is mysterious. Easy guess is the timeline was rewind (by Madoka? Or by Homura?) with Homura somehow thrown back to the post-prologue timeline. Talk about possibility of Homura looped back many times already ala Endless Eight. Hurr. Also explains Madoka’s deja-vu feeling and Kyuubey’s question about Homura.

"From having 512358 Walpurgis Night thanks to failing to stop Madoka from becoming Puella Magi every time" is the easy guess

The mysterious one is obviously Kyuubey. Seemingly neutral initially and looked a bit more as lawful evil lately though I still stand by my initial opinion of him as neutral being. Even if it’s to provide food for himself, the fact that he given the Puella Magi their wish upfront balances out thing. Add the fact that he’s not human (Incubator?) it’s not difficult to see why he’s questioning about importance of soul-body relation. Lastly, having principle of just-enough information sharing, I don’t see the information providing-incompleteness as problem.

Aaaaand finally, Madoka herself. Just what’s her power, actually? Standing by zero-sum principles, does it mean there’s someone with negative power as high as her? It that Sayaka herself? Or what? And what the heck would happen once she becomes a Puella Magi? And according to prologue, some kind of disaster happens before she becomes Puella Magi which makes it even more confusing. WE’LL SEE.

Of course this is just one of many theories. Keep guessing.

Also hello there, TheFluff.

But you're going to do BD-rip right? Right?? Right???

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