Infinite Stratos initial impressions

Instant suspicion, and confirmation in few minutes.

To be honest, I don’t know what this is. Apart of some keywords: mecha, harem, adaptation. Simple recipe for disaster, I guessed. Also included a studio name which I never heard of.

As it turned out, the harem is relatively conservative and the main character isn’t a complete fail either. It’s quite amazing how the girls were able to stay that long with the main hero. It sure contrasted with, say, OniiZen (hahahah). It’s also the first time I heard term “first childhood friend” and “second childhood friend”. The tsundere count is quite high and fanservice everywhere, minus panty shot (what).

And it’s quite scary how predictable the fifth episode was – how “he” is a reverse trap, how “he” will end up in same room as the main hero, how Shinonono’s reaction when kicked out of room (seriously, how can they even allowed to stay in one room. And even more surprisingly is how nothing actually happened), etc. Predictable but well executed. As I said before (somewhere), I like watching things I like, even if it’s painfully cliched – as long it’s well executed (also see below).

On the other side, the animation is surprisingly well done, with no noticeable animation quality drop until episode 5. It’s not an easy feat – even I felt the quality dropped quite a bit on J.C.Staff’s Dream Eater Merry. Or maybe I was just too busy seeing other things when watching this.

In the end, if you like this kind of stuff, you’ll not disappointed by usual fails involved. The main characters are likable, the main hero is quite useful and the story is well executed. Hopefully it’ll at least stay as good. We’ll see.

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