Fall Season 2008: what I’m going to watch

First of all, I’m not going to rewrite the introduction to the series which’ve been written by many others, just like this very good one from Random Curiousity.

Read on.

As a good guideline, I’ll most likely follow the series with these factors:

  1. Fast release pace
  2. Good storyline (the one that made me waiting for next episode – no matter how many plot holes in it :p )
  3. Includes moe character
  4. Not a sequel of a series which I haven’t watched yet
  5. #2 may take precedence than #1, but it is usually a rare case
  6. However, when #2 takes precedence, I’ll most likely follow it closely no matter the release pace
  7. Inversely, when #2 factor is gone, #3 may help and allows me to keep watching it
  8. No matter the factors, I may finish all of them one day

…and I also figured that no one care about what I’m going to watch. Whatever, LOL.

Also I have my alignment toward the series (written before the title)… marked with:

  • 0: neutral (kinda. more or less)
  • +: look forward to (more + better)
  • ?: dunno

Let’s begin then!

  • (0) Hakushaku to Yousei: neutral. Must watch first 😮
  • (++) Toradora!: Kugimiya Rie 😮 another Louise 😮
  • (0) Noramimi 2: dunno. The character design doesn’t look too interesting. Must watch first
  • (?) Casshern Sins: haven’t watched preceding series…
  • (0) Rosario + Vampire Capu 2: lolwut? Maybe I’ll marathon it again just like first season
  • (+) Hyakko: Omni said it reminds him of Manabi Straight… May follow closely if proven correct 😀
  • (+) Shikabane Hime Aka: high chance I’ll follow it. Undead hime sounds lulz
  • (+) Kuroshitsuji: black butler? Lol? The main character sounds like Kamen no Maid Guy… but now with less comedy o.o
  • (++) Akane Iro ni Somaru Aka: sure yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Also seiyuu lining look interesting (if not scary) 😮
  • (-) Hokuto no Ken Raoh Gaiden – Ten no Haoh: haven’t watched first series…
  • (+) Yozakura Quartet: looks interesting…
  • (++) Clannad After Story: sure yes
  • (0) Tales of the Abyss: maybe after I watched another Tales series
  • (0) Tentai Senshi Sunred: … o.o wtf? Looks like some lulz
  • (+) Linebarrels of Iron: Gonzo, Hirai Hahashi, Mamiko Noto. Looks kinda interesting
  • (?) Jigoku Shoujo Mitsugane: let me watch the preceding series first…
  • (0) Kannagi: the guy that made Lucky Star OP / SHnY ED involved… hmmm… I can haz dance?
  • (++) To Aru Majutsu no Index: J.C. Staff + I’ve Sound = sure watch (maybe should be :p )
  • (0) Kemeko DX: looks interesting…
  • (++) Gundam 00 Second Season: must waaaaaaaaaaaatch. Gundaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam
  • (+) GA-REI -zero-: looks interesting… with Shuffle! staffs involved added to mix
  • (+) Macademi Wasshoi: yali (yet another looks interesting)… :p
  • (+) Kyou no 5 no 2: haven’t watched the OVAs. >_<
  • (0) Skip Beat!: dunno… must watch first
  • (0) Vampire Knight Guilty: haven’t watched its first season 🙁
  • (0) Bihada Ichizoku: a little bit too shoujo-ish for my taste. “Cosmetic Love Story” sounds lulz though
  • (0) KUROZUKA: must watch first (mwf)…
  • (0) ONE OUTS: mwf
  • (0) Mouryou no Hako: character design by CLAMP 😮 good reason to check it out
  • (++) Chaos;Head: suuuuuure. Nitro+ (which also reminds me to finish Demonbane…)
  • (0) TYTANIA: the premise looks interesting…
  • (++) Nodame Cantabile Paris: classic + anime = sure yes lol
  • (-) Junjou Romantica 2: wat? Even the first series is on bottom area of my to-watch list
  • (0) Michiko to Hatchin: dunno. Might check, especially because I almost give up Ergo Proxy (also on bottom area of my to-watch list)
  • (+++) ef – a tale of melodies: MUST. WATCH. D:

We’ll see how my alignment be after the season started…

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