Another address change

Well, looks like I can’t keep it consistent. Hopefully this one is the last one. Now animeBSD, the epic random something which resembles blog, got another address:

The main reason is I want to only take care of one blog. Well, there was only two (old one and previous one) but actually I planned to split the previous one to several blog by using WordPress multisite feature.

After several months though, it turns out using multisite is just like slowly killing yourself with poison. It’s useful for creating blog with many users but for one-man blog, it’s the worst thing to manage. Not to mention the ugly htaccess involved.

In the end, I decided it’s not worth the effort to split site. So here it is, united under one name again (no more Network.myconan!) and everything will be here. Including my posts at thanks to the cool WP Importer tool provided.

The import process wasn’t smooth for posts at and there’re crapload of broken links. I’ll fix them as soon as I can™. Until then, update your bookmarks!

Oh and I’ll use for some other purposes. Mostly private thing and IPv6 thingy. will still intact though and not going to be removed.

Update: added redirection on to ease handling of migration. Most images should be up again now.

Update 2: I just realized I lost all the tags. DERP.

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