On Code Geass R2 Ending

Spoilers ahead.

I think I’ve ever seen this kind of ending somewhere… anyone care to tell me? ;-; I remembered where I saw it. Read below.

My take: pretty good overall. And even if it’s categorized as trainwreck, it’s a fabulous one. FABULOUS TRAINWRECK. It contains everything. /y/, straight, and /u/, well spread alignment, mechas, politics, etc etc. It is a flame bait, and at the same time thought provoking (I lost count how many blogs posted about this – some blogs even posted as many as three or more – in single blog, and I helped myself losing count by making this post) . Etc etc.

The ending also kinda resemble The Dark Knight. Srsly. Just swap the role of the one who dead and the one who alive. Both parties are good guys in R2 though

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