wp-reCAPTCHA fix for Tarski 2.2.2

Here’s the patch for wp-reCAPTCHA glitch for Tarski version 2.2.2. reCAPTCHA input box will be displayed correctly after applying this patch.

File: comments.php

--- D:/Edho/comments-old.php    Mon May 19 23:43:34 2008
+++ D:/Edho/comments.php    Tue Jul 29 13:40:51 2008
@@ -118 +118 @@
-        </div>  <!-- /comment input -->
+          <!-- /comment input -->
@@ -120 +120 @@
-    </fieldset></form>
+    </div></fieldset></form>

3 thoughts on “wp-reCAPTCHA fix for Tarski 2.2.2

  1. My thanks for your hard work at this. This did the trick for reCAPTCHA.

    Unfortunately, it appears I have some interaction between the comments section of code and who knows what else.

    The symptom is that unregistered users can not enter their “Name”. You can click onto the field, but it fails to hold focus. I will need to dive into the code at a deeper level to see where the problem might be.

    Again, my compliments for a great theme!

  2. Hey, I found the problem. Has nothing to do with the Tarski theme. The “Name” field works perfectly in IE (V6.0 even, of all things). But it fails to take focus and hold it with Firefox 3.0.1. Go figure.

    Just wanted to update anyone that reads this.

    By the way, thanks for implementing the OpenID. I tinkered around with it and think I will add it to my blogs.

    Thanks again for this fix.

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