Flash news

  • Shugo Chara! will have season 2. Apparently someone in the animeblogosphere had enough of its filler and currently in rage (or not). I just hope the tankoubon version of its manga will be released here ASAP (it’s already being published monthly in Nakayoshi). [ Source ]
  • Black Lagoon season 3 announced. I haven’t watched even the first season. I liked its first season’s opening (Red Fraction – MELL) and maybe one day will watch it. Maybe. [ Source ]
  • On totally unrelated news, I’m sleepy and still waiting for certain someone to restart the server. Or hopefully it’ll restart properly. Or I’ll be dead instead (ie. too lazy to go anywhere tomorrow). 🙁
  • Or maybe I’m forced to install its 8th harddisk which is still lazily sitting in my PC doing nothing…

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