Nyotai-ka – what is this I don’t even

<No pics since everything I find rather amusing were kinda NSFW>

So, um, I don’t really know what to say. This manga is basically a more mature version of Kampfer with much less control over when to switch gender and the “hero” actually defaulted as a “her”.

I don’t remember why I actually downloaded this series in the first place. Probably when I saw the cover picture and the description when getting my weekly fix of Sanzenin Nagi. Apparently the word gender bender and some other words sparked my interest or whatever. In the end, I ended up downloading all the releases from Manga Traders (before some of its servers went down around 1900), read them and quite amused by overall story.

The series is still ongoing but apparently there are at least three higher-level relationship and at least one of them is “fixed”.

It contains various things like, pseudo-yuri, pseudo-yaoi, pseudo-normal, and heck, futanari. Overall art is quite nice and relatively consistent. The wtf hero(ine) may make you scratch your head or just go rage etc. Extra story about the one behind it all is quite amusing though.

…whatever, go read it now. @_@/

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