On waix.dl.sourceforge.net

I’m placing permanent ban on waix.dl.sourceforge.net – from now on, on EVERY SINGLE SYSTEMS I’m managing I’ll put this one magic line to hosts (/etc/hosts on *nix, %WINDIR%System32driversetchosts on Windows): waix.dl.sourceforge.net

That one mirror has been giving me headaches – it’s a completely irrelevant mirror for anyone not using waix’s connection which is ONLY AVAILABLE IN AUSTRALIA. Everyone else will get crappy speed – even on my crappy connection (something like 4 KB/s). Why sourceforge still gives it to everyone else is a mystery for me. Their solution is not feasible for me. Seriously, changing mirror to other server by visiting their site for every single machines? Why the heck can’t they just disable that fail mirror for everyone outside Australia? Or better, why don’t they just remove waix from list of mirrors – public mirrors are supposed to have good connection to everyone – not just some small area in a corner of the world.

Oh, in case I’m not being clear enough, in summary, I’m saying:


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  1. Thanks for this. Waix is a pain in the ass, slow speed, time outs and corruption is the order of the day. Gonna kill it now!

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