ef complete translation by nnl!

Yes it’s out! As mentioned in their website, there are two parts: installer file and data file. Installer file itself is available as DDL linked in their website and its data file is available on torrent and xdcc somewhere.

As I was the one pointed/arranged folks at [Commie] to provide the xdcc, aside the official(?) nnl channel on irchighway, it’s also available on Commie channel at Rizon.

File data (as of released 1 May 2010):

  • installer:
    • filename: ef_Lite_Installer_[nnl].exe
    • filesize: 5737984 bytes (5.74 MB / 5.47 MiB)
    • md5: 04e0304bc2efbc3f298af188f1a4fb46
    • sha256: 4945c1563d743284853f87619a0b5a5a2a8ef2ae602198083ecfd7398afc3703
  • data file:
    • filename: ef_Lite_Data_[nnl].cnd
    • filesize: 2315609468 bytes (2.32 GB / 2.17 GiB)
    • md5: d6a9ab3fc37ec715f8169990514b1e66
    • sha256: 6a20bb48a4787144e0f83ea4ca3ad397aece5380f5c09d9b85d8d9a716468ef6

(information as of today, may become irrelevant after several days/months/years)


[ nnl | Installer | Data file torrent ]

(yes, this post is another experiment to get free traffic, lololol)

(derp, WordPress broke my link. No wonder no one clicked on the torrent)

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