Kiss x Sis chapter 36 – “It can be worse” edition

You think its anime is as bad as it can be already? Well, it’s not even close with the latest chapters of the manga. Basically it gets worse each chapters.

How bad?

(this post contains spoilers, nsfw words, pics, etc)

Broken parents meet fail teacher meets...

…the most normal character in this series?

Well, considering we have:

  • Two brother complex (not blood related) sisters which tries to rape their brother whenever possible (one is closet pervert and lost even more screws when drunk and the other one doesn’t seem to have enough shame doing public indecency)
  • Parents who encourage (not blood related) incest relationship and don’t have problem (read: encourage) with teacher being half (er, mostly) naked on top of their son
  • Otaku teacher which pleasures herself by imagining one of her (male!) student being raped by monsters
  • Said teacher’s sister which… finds the main character… amusing… and can be easily manipulated… and use it to its maximum extent
  • Lastly, and probably the most normal one, classmate which… once… pissed… in front of him (literally, btw).

Yes, he’s the most normal one in this manga!

I’m wondering how far the anime will be. I’m guessing it’ll be only up to Keita’s acceptance on high school though which is a… shame… because it only gets even… worse… after that.

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