Kaichou wa Meido-sama ep 1

I rarely watch shoujo anime but I think this one doesn’t feel too shoujo-ish. Looks like J.C.Staff tried to make this anime more gender-neutral.

Read more information about this series here. Be careful though – its character section contains some spoiler.

It’s got some light jokes here and there (well, one of its genre is romantic comedy) which I think well executed – at least for first episode.

Its basic premise is simple – a strict, valedictorian but poor student council president works at a maid cafe which then found by a boy which happen to have enough lulz. Hilarity ensues, etc.

The good thing about shoujo series is that the main hero (?) is actually likable unlike some generic eroge-turned-anime shit.

It is also relatively guilt-free (as opposed to B Gata H Kei) and wtf-free (o hai Heroman) and J.C.Staff should be able to produce something relatively amusing…

If you’re looking for light, general comedy for this season, then check either Working!! or this. 😀

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