Got pawned… by gparted

(Gparted is an open source partition editor)

Here’s the chronology:

  1. SP3 got!
  2. Install!
  3. Decided to install on old system (20 gb partition)
  4. Finished install
  5. Installed lots of programs
  6. Wanted to install NWN2…
  7. …not enough space!
  8. No worry, there’s still 50 gb space I can use to enlarge the partition
  9. Ubuntu + Gparted come to rescue!
  10. Resized in blink of eye
  11. Open the partition with Ubuntu… looks fine
  12. Restart!
  13. Nothing happen orz
  14. Boot with Windows XP Installation disk (fixmbr/fixboot)
  15. Restart!
  16. Still nothing happens orz
  17. Try repair!
  18. Restart!
  19. Now there are fancy characters on screen…
  20. wtf
  21. Rinse and repeat from step #11
  22. Still error!
  23. WTF
  24. Reinstall come to rescue o_O
  25. That, and one day work gone *poof*. Redo from beginning 👿

Lessons learned.

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